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We provide a broad array of services to people from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, and other parts of Southeast Asia residing in the New York metropolitan area. Occupying over five thousand square feet, the Center includes offices, various recreation and education rooms, storage rooms, and a Buddhist sanctuary. A Board of Directors governs the Center. General elections are held every two years. Our funds stem from membership dues, private donations, corporate, and government funding. Following are some of the on-going services and activities that the Center offers to the community:








Citizenship and Immigration Services

This service provide application form assistance, disability assistance, citizenship classes (with textbooks, and CD published and regularly updated), and follow-ups. Other immigration applications such as relatives’ immigration, passport, Green Card replacement, children and citizenship applications are also provided. Thousands have benefited from this project and many have become citizens successfully since 1995.

NYC ESOL/Program

Funded by the City of New York, ISACC offer a number of multi-level ESOL classes and Citizenship classes in English, or bilingually with mandarin, Cantonese or Vietnamese. Evening and weekend classes are also provided to meet increasing demands from the community.

Employment Training for Refugess/Immigrants

In a joint project with New York State University and Henry Street Settlement, in ATTAIN LAB, Classes in Practical English , Computer, and Job Development to refugee and immigrant workers in the community, these classes are designed to help individuals improve their prospects for a career change or career development. After tests, attendants will get Microsoft certificates, which will improve their job guaifications, In addition, these classes serve as a bridge for the immigrant and their families to achieve financial independence, and to stimulate our community’s economy.

Computer Training for Employment Classes

In Bilingual Cantonese-English and Vietnamese-English, Computer classes are offered to the community member with a wide range of literacy, from beginners to advanced, learning basic computer skill such as typing, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, and QuickBooks.Resume writing,job search skills,interview practices are included in cirricula.

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Free Accupuncture Service

The center provides free accupuncture service to individuals or low-income families with no medical insurance. Appointments are necessary and patients will be notified when their schedules are made.

NYC Managed Care Consumer Assistance Program

In coalition with the Community Service Society of New York, the MCCAP assists the community members through the healthcare system with information and guidance on all types of hearth insurance. Assistance ranges from finding the right health coverage, doctors, and specialists, to resolving bill problems and questioning or appealing treatment decision by health plan managers.

New York Medicaid Choice Education Project

ISACC has trained staff to provide periodical Medicaid Choice workshops and walk-in services to the community. These services include assisting on registration for health plans, educating the beneficiaries on the changes of Medicaid policy, how to select a health plan that suits their needs, and the right and responsibilities as a health plan member.

Children’s Health Project

Under contract with New York City, ISACC promotes awareness of select NYC Child Health Clinics and awareness of free or low-cost health insurance through Child Health Plus.

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Vietnamese Community Health Initiative

Working with New York University Center for the study of Asian American Health, this project addresses cultural and linguistic barriers to bring better social and medical services to the Vietnamese community in New York metropolitan area.

Vietnamese Breast Health Awareness Project

Funded by Komen Greater NYC, this project provides the first breast cancer health education and prevention specialized to the needs of New York City’s Vietnamese refugee and immigrant women. In collaboration with the NYU Center for the Study of Asian American Health, the project aims to improve awareness, facilitate access, and mitigate the disparities in breast cancer morbidity and mortality for Vietnamese women in NYC.

The healthy Future for Vietnamese Women Project

Funded by Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance (OCAPICA), this project provides the first health education and screening program on cervical cancer to the Vietnamese women in New York metropolitan area. This project aims to increase population and the uninsured women in particular.

Community Needs Assessment Project

This project identifies the unmet healthcare needs and barriers to access care in the hard-to-reach populations. It helps to obtain data to measure the needs for better healthcare and social services among the Chinatown and Bronx’s residents. It aims to provide information on health and related problems to the community members in hope to better shape New York City’s primary care planning and policy development.

Health Promotion Campaigns

ISACC has been working with local universities,hospitals and health organizations such as Columbia University,Bellevue Hospital, NYU Center for Asian American Health, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, American Cancer Society, Saint Vincent Hospital, Downtown Hospital, Beth Israel Hospital, and others healthcare facilities to outreach and screen low-income Chinatown residents for prostate cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, ental health,and other diseases. Through these campaigns, free flu shots are also administered yearly.

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Chinese Americans Restoring Elders (CARE) Project

Working with the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation, the purpose of CARE is to reduce and prevent elder abuse in the Chinese American community. Through outreach and referrals, the project raises awareness of elder abuse and assists those in need. It provides linguistically and culturally appropriate education materials to the at-risk-population.

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

Since 1994, under sponsorship by the National Asian Pacific Center on Aging (NAPCA) and in collaboration with the Korean Community Services of NY, this program has helped older and economically disadvantaged participants acquire English language proficiency, job skills and employment through both classroom and on-site training.

Services for Elders and Religious Sanctuary

Although our members come from various places in Southeast Asia, they share similar cultural background and needs. The Center offers many kinds of activities, such as entertainment programs, field trips, parties, and workshops (from physical exercises to social benefits applications). With the high number of Buddhists in our community, the Buddhist sanctuary at ISACC offers a place for personal reflection and prayers, religious ceremonies, and celebrations of special events.

Cemetery Service

Concerned with the needs of our senior members, the Center owns a burial site with one thousand slots in East Brunswick, New Jersey. They are reserved for community members at special price.

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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

To educate our community members about disaster preparedness for hazards, through CERT, ISACC provides space for training in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help.

Art and Culture Programs

To maintain a connection to our heritage, the Center offers various art/cultural programs such as Cantonese Language class, Tai Chi class, and Chinese Painting class.

Language Assistance Service

We assist people with language barriers dealing with correspondence, benefit applications, bills, incidents, emergencies, and others.

Current Staff and Workforce

As of 2013, with about 16 staff members and a number of volunteers, we were able to provide about 5,000 much needed individual services to the community. To continue providing and expanding programs in the future, we seek and welcome funding and support from all.

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